Why It Is Important to Pick the Right Size of Air Conditioning Unit

How exactly can you be affected if you have the wrong sized air conditioning unit? This article discusses some problems you are likely to suffer if you have an air conditioner of the wrong size.

High Energy Costs

You are likely to have a high energy bill if you have a unit that is too big for your home. This is because a big air conditioning unit requires plenty of energy in order to run. The implication of having a very big unit is that you are (in effect) wasting energy since you are not utilizing your big unit fully, yet it is consuming energy to remain working. The same applies to an undersized AC; it will work non-stop as it struggles to cool or heat a space that is too large for it. The result is that it will use a lot of energy.

Ineffective De-humidification

An air conditioning unit that is too large for your home cannot remove humidity effectively. This is because your big unit cools your rooms very fast and shuts off. The result is that not enough air goes through the system in order to remove the humidity present in that air. Consequently, your home will constantly have high levels of humidity, despite having an air conditioning unit.

The Home Won't Be Cooled Sufficiently

This happens when you have an air conditioning unit that is too small for your home. That small unit will be unable to process (heat or cool, and remove humidity) a sufficient amount of air to keep the air in your living space well conditioned. As a result, your home will always remain hotter or colder than you would like it to be.

Frequent Repairs

An undersized air conditioning unit works much harder than it should. This is because it hardly shuts down since it is "punching above its weight", that is, it is being made to condition the air in a home that is much bigger than it was designed to handle. Consequently, the components of that air conditioning unit such as the compressor will wear out quickly, and you will incur high costs to keep replacing worn parts.

As the discussion above shows, having an air conditioner that is of the wrong size has many disadvantages. That is why only HVAC professionals should be contacted for air conditioning installation. You will then be sure that you have shielded yourself from the disadvantages associated with a wrongly sized unit.