Easy DIY steps to screen window repairs

Screen windows are a great way of ensuring that the bugs in the great outdoors do not get into your home. Unfortunately, with time, your screen window may succumb to the wear and tear that comes with age. For small tears, you can follow these easy DIY steps to fixing it and returning it to optimum working condition. To embark on this do it yourself repair, you will need a few things. These include a needle, a fishing line, a pair of scissors, window screen mesh material and some clear nail polish. However, you should note that professionals in window repairs should handle extensive damages to your screen window. This is to ensure that the entire structural integrity of the window is not compromised.

Stitch the ripped parts of the screen window

The first thing you would have to do is thread the needle using the fishing line. Ensure that the fishing line is of light gauge. You should cut the fishing line at about two feet worth of length. You should then proceed to try and carefully stitch the ripped parts of your screen window using the needle and the threaded fishing line.

Patch up the tear on the screen window

The next step entails you cutting a small patch off the screen window mesh material. This patch should be approximately two inches longer than the tear on your screen window. It should also be about two inches wider than the rip on your screen window. Once you have cut the patch, you should put it on top of the rip on the screen window. Ensure that it is properly centred and that none of the edges of the rip are exposed. Once this is done, you can start sewing the patch onto the screen window. Perform this sewing immaculately so as to ensure that the patch has properly covered the rip on the screen window. Make your stitches very tight so that the patch is secured in place. Once you are done with sewing, you can now cut off the remaining fishing line. Ensure that you cut the fishing line close to the sewn on patch.

Seal the tear with clear nail polish

The last step would require you to cover the area that you have repaired with the nail polish that you have on at hand. To ensure that the patch remains in place, push it onto the screen window once you have applied the nail polish. This will ensure that everything has been properly sealed in place. It will also ensure that the tear in your screen window is prevented from becoming larger. You can use any type of enamel for this last step but nail polish tends to be best because of the convenience of the brush.