Construction Tips: Vehicles a Heavy Duty Builder Would Need

Creating homes and buildings for people to live in can be a really fulfilling and well-paying job. For extreme builders, it is even more satisfying and rewarding, although the construction involves transportation of more and bigger building materials. Would you like to know about heavy duty construction? So, whether you're driven by a curious mindset, or you're thinking of joining a heavy load truck team, you can start by learning about some of the vehicles used in heavy duties.

Crane Truck

This is what you'll be using to lift your heavy loads. Crane trucks come in different designs. For instance, there is the side lifter crane that is very mobile and ideal for transportation of small and medium sized containers. It is good for use on operations where long distance transportation is involved. On the other hand, there is the truck mounted crane, which is a great choice where very heavy loads are involved. Nowadays, some of these cranes are manufactured to rotate a full 360 degrees, giving you better operational functionality.

Flatbed Truck

Other than the crane truck, you will definitely need the flatbed truck to transport your building materials. From its name, this is just a truck with a flat rectangular metallic bed articulated to it. Flat beds can be customized in length, depending on the quantity of material to be transported. They are great for transportation of very huge construction materials, such as logs, that are difficult to fit in containers.

A Concrete Mixer

This is a truck fitted with a special rotating cylinder to its back into which cement, sand, gravel, and water is poured. The cylinder then mixes the substances to form concrete. Fact is, almost every building you are going to construct is going to need concrete, unless it's a wooden barn on a farm. Sometimes, you could even be having more than one building job in different locations. With a concrete mixer truck, this wouldn't be a problem, since you would be able to provide concrete to different building sites conveniently while manufacturing more of it.

The Lowboy Trailer

This is a special trailer characterized by a very long low deck. This deck gives it very high stability, making it great for transportation of extremely heavy loads. For example, you can use a lowboy trailer to transport other trucks to construction sites. This makes it a good vehicle to have around when your trucks break down on site and you have to take them to your garage for repair.