Four Benefits Of Solar Powered Roof Ventilation Systems

Roof ventilation is beneficial in almost any Australian home. Roof ventilation can improve energy efficiency and prevent moisture damage that can occur when condensation builds up in the attic space. Australian consumers can now choose from several types of roof ventilation, including solar-powered systems. If you're considering a new roof ventilation system, here are four reasons why a solar-powered solution could work for you.

Improved efficiency

Solar-powered systems are a form of active roof ventilation. This means that the system forces outside air through the attic and then out through a vent to cool the attic space. This type of system is more efficient than a passive system because an active system repeats the air exchange many more times per hour. Passive roof vents simply rely on natural air flow, which, according to the weather conditions and house design, may not offer adequate ventilation.

Helps reduce household energy bills

Although active solar-powered ventilation systems constantly ventilate the attic space, there aren't really any running costs. The solar energy source means that the system does not use any mains electricity.

In fact, active roof ventilation means that your air conditioning system can run more efficiently. By helping your air conditioning maintain a constant temperature around the house, a solar-powered roof ventilation system can actually cut your energy bills.

Unobtrusive and silent

Solar system manufacturers design their systems to take up as little space as possible. Many systems have sleek, slimline profiles that blend in with the roof. However, one of the greatest advantages of these systems is that they run without making any noise.

Some Australian homeowners complain that traditional passive ventilation systems are noisy, especially during windy weather. However, solar-powered systems generally use motors that are almost silent, while they maintain a constant cycle of ventilation. For a homeowner with noisy passive ventilation, a solar-powered system can cut out almost all the noise.


Solar-powered systems are easy to install on almost any roof. As such, homeowners can benefit from these solutions to help ventilate loft conversions, holiday homes, basements and even mobile homes. Installation engineers can also normally adjust the system to cope with an awkward roof angle or aspect to make the most of the available sunlight.

While manufacturers ship these systems assembled and ready to use, it's still a good idea to ask an expert to install the unit for you. With solar-powered products, installing the system in the perfect position is crucial to efficiency and performance.

Solar-powered roof ventilation systems can tackle a variety of problems that Australian homeowners face, including stale air, inefficient air conditioning and excess moisture. Talk to a trained contractor in your area for more information and advice.