The Ultimate Survival Kit: Off-Road Essentials Every ATV Rider Should Carry

Every ATV rider knows that preparation is key. Whether it's a fishing or a hunting adventure, reaching those places off the beaten path will require you to pack the essentials necessary for a safe, comfortable experience. Here's a quick list of the must haves for your safe and sound riding adventure.

Protective gear

It's important to have protective gear on a trail ride. Everything from comfortable boots to protective clothing such as long pants, goggles, gloves, sleeves and a helmet are all absolutely important. A helmet is the most crucial protective gear for an off-road riding adventure. It absorbs impact when the road roughs you up so that your brain doesn't have to. Your boots should provide good ankle support but not uncomfortably tight. Comfortable boots are essential should you wind up walking in the event of an emergency.

Battery charger

On a trail ride, there is no roadside assistance. Any malfunctions and repairs will fall upon you to fix the problem. When you're equipped with the right tools such as a battery charger, you may be able to fix an engine failure particularly on a bike that has been inactive for a lengthy period.

Air pump and tire plugs

Usually what you do when you find a flat tire is to call a tow truck to come and fix it. But a flat tire on a trail ride is not a usual situation; there is no tow truck to your rescue. A tire plug and a small air pump will go a long way if you need to patch a hole in a flat tire.


Chances are, you always get stuck in the mud at one time or another during a trail ride. While a tow strap will most likely do the job, there are some tasks that only a winch will get done or make easier. A winch will easily retrieve your ATV if you or your buddy gets stuck and load your ATV onto your trap in a snap. Winches are also great in case you get stuck in heavy snow.

First aid kit

Even with good protective gear and excellent riding techniques, emergency preparedness should be at the top of your list.  A first aid kit can dramatically improve your safety and that of your fellow riders. A basic first aid kit will fit comfortably in a backpack or hydration pack.


A few basic tools such as zip tape, duct tape, a pair of pliers, screwdriver along with a few toolkit items are a must have for a trail ride.