Smell Something Fishy? Tips for Keeping Fish Odours Out of Your Skip

If you own a seafood restaurant, a butcher's shop that sells fish or a similar business, you may end up throwing a lot of fish into the skip. This can get smelly and attract insects. However, there are things you can do to reduce the fishy odours and issues from your skip. Take a look at these ideas: 

1. Repurpose fish waste.

Instead of throwing old fish, bones or off cuts into the rubbish, repurpose those pieces. As long as nothing is rotten, you can throw all of those items into a big stock pan, cover it with water and boil. After a few hours and topping up the water, you'll have a delicious fish stock. 

When you skim the fish and bones out of the water, you will have to waste to dispose of, but as you've boiled out most of the flavour, you don't have to worry that much about odours.

2. Use a garbage disposal. 

In lieu of throwing fish bits and bones into your rubbish, invest in a garbage disposal and use that for your waste. If odours start to build up from the waste disposal, run some ice cubes and lemons down it. Alternatively, take steps to mitigate the issue in your skip. 

3. Wrap up rubbish. 

If you want to avoid fish odours in your rubbish bin, you need to cut off the fish from the air. Wrap anything you plan to throw away tightly in butcher paper before putting it in the bin bag. Also, keep a can of insecticide near your bin and a can of kitchen sanitiser. Before taking a bag of rubbish from your bin to your skip, spray it with disinfectant to help mask odours and kill bacteria. Also, spray with insecticid. That way, if flies get into the skip, they will die before laying eggs in the bag of rubbish, helping to keep maggots out of your skip.

4. Ask for a skip with a seal.

To prevent odours from escaping your skip, ask the skip hire company for a skip with a seal. Alternatively, if you own your own skip, apply a bit of weather stripping around the lid. With a seal, when you close the lid, it will stay tightly shut. Also, place the skip in the shade to prevent the fish guts and bones from heating up and creating odours. For more information, talk to a skip bin hire.