Window Glazier | 3 Glass Considerations To Fortify Your Window Strength

Windows are interesting visual elements in any home because they invite natural light and open up the room to external views. But safety can be a concern for many homeowners because some types of glass can easily be broken. If you're thinking of putting new glass on your windows to fortify their strength, you have a few factors to consider when working with a local glazier in your area.  

Consider The Level Of Security You Desire

Plain sheet glass or float glass is an inexpensive option at just $38 per square metre, but it may also be vulnerable when you're looking to protect your windows from break-ins. These standard glass panels can easily be shattered, so a burglar will have no trouble getting into your home. On the other hand, laminated glass and toughened glass are ideal choices because they are tempered and fortified to reduce the possibility of breakage, making them significantly stronger than standard glass options. But higher security also brings a higher price tag. Laminated glass costs approximately $320 per square metre. You can expect a glazier in your area to charge anywhere from $60 to $80 per hour for installation, but the price of higher security is well worth it.

Fix Impact-Resistant Security Window Films

Window films have come a long way and can protect your windows from shattering thanks to modern technologies and innovations. Security window films are either tinted or clear in a range of thickness levels to suit the specific needs of your home's windows. These window films bond to glass with resilient strength and will hold the glass in place even if it has been smashed. Tinted impact-resistant security films also prevent harmful UV rays from getting into your home while offering you the privacy you need without compromising on your outside view. The glazier in your home installing the glass should be able to affix these security films.

Consider Getting Thicker Glass Installed

Windows are a particularly vulnerable part of your home's security, so you'll want to fortify them in every way possible. Even if you choose resilient laminated or toughened glass, keep in mind that there are varying levels of thickness. Thicker glass is naturally much harder to break through and serve as deterrents; so potential burglars may not even bother with your home in the first place. Apart from added security for your home, thicker glass can reduce noise from outside –– whether you have noisy neighbours or whether you live on a high-traffic street.

Consider these vital factors when working with a local glazier in your area to fortify your window strength.