Can Your Antique Chandelier Be Repaired?

If you own an antique chandelier that's damaged or broken, you might be wondering whether it's time to say goodbye to the decoration for good. Not so fast! Antique chandeliers can be repaired through a variety of techniques.

Depending on the level of damage, the repair could be quick and simple, or a more involved process. Either way, it will be worth the wait to have your chandelier restored to its former glory and ready to add some serious sparkle wherever it's hung. Read on to find out what kind of repair your chandelier requires, and what you can expect.

Broken glass arm

Glass chandelier arms are one of the most common parts to break and can look tricky to fix. Luckily, this is actually one of the easiest repairs to carry out. If you still have both parts of the glass arm then the repair will probably be carried out on-site, and won't take long. If parts of the arm are missing, then the chandelier will need to be sent away for repairs. The missing parts can then be carefully constructed from matching glass and reattached. There won't be any visible marks where the repair took place and your chandelier will look good as new.

Missing or damaged glass drops

Depending on the age and make of your chandelier, missing glass drops can be replaced, repaired, or remade. Glass repair companies will often hold and source spares for a wide variety of chandeliers. If this is the case, then it will be quick and easy to simply replace any missing or broken drops. Even if the piece cannot be found, then repair companies may own an original mold, from which an identical new piece can be created. For very rare or bespoke chandeliers, in-house glass blowers can carefully recreate pieces to match the originals. This is more time-consuming but ensures a perfect restoration of your antique.


If your chandelier contains damaged pins, then re-pinning will be essential. Re-pinning the entire chandelier is worth considering even if not all of the pins are damaged as it will greatly improve the stability of the piece. Choosing a company which practices old-style pinning is best if you want a really authentic look. As well as looking better and being more sturdy, the glass drops of your chandelier will be less likely to break or fall off after re-pinning. This will give you greater peace of mind and save costly repairs in the future.