Important Features to Look For in a Home Security Door

You can add security to your home without making it seem like a fortress if you invest in a good security door. This type of door is stronger than a standard front door, even one made of steel. It will usually offer added features that increase its resistance to a break-in and that make the locks even stronger, more durable, and less likely to be forced open. When you do shop for a security door, you may notice a large number of styles and features from which to choose, so note a few here that are important for a security door. This will ensure you get one that is as secure as possible.

Drill-resistant plates

The plates on the locks of a door are what get drilled into by a locksmith in order to force a lock open, and burglars may do the same thing. When choosing a security door, look for one with plates made of manganese or another material that is likely to break a standard drill bit. This will eliminate one common method of entry for intruders.

Steel bolts

A security door is only as strong as the bolts keeping it locked, so be sure you check the material from which those bolts are made. Too often homeowners only look at the material of the door itself, assuming that doors simply get kicked in down the middle of the door, but in truth, the bolts may be cut or forced open instead. Check the material of bolts when checking the strength of material of the door itself and ensure the bolts are made from solid steel or have a steel core to resist cutting.

Along with the material of the bolts, be sure to opt for a door with several bolts and not just one. If someone were to attempt to cut through the bolts to open the door, having more than one to cut can take so much time that law enforcement can arrive before they can enter the door or cause them to be so discouraged that they leave.

L-shaped profile

A security door usually comes with its own frame or profile, and choosing one in an L-shape is a good option. This type of frame will have an L shape that covers the gaps on either side of the door. This reduces the risk of the door being pried open; with the L-shaped frame or profile, a person cannot slide a pry bar into that opening and force the door open.

For more information about your options, contact a company that offers security doors and windows.