Improve Your Custom Storage Shed with these Optional Features

Building a custom storage shed on your property can have numerous benefits. It can be used to store hay, farm equipment and machinery, tools, and produce. You can even create an office space on your storage shed.  One benefit of constructing a custom shed is that you can add extra features that can improve its appearance, increase safety, and create a comfortable environment for the users. Here are some of the top additions that you can incorporate into your custom storage shed during or after construction to get the best value from it.

Interior dividing walls

Sometimes you may want to utilize your storage shed for multiple uses at the same time. Dividing walls can allow you to achieve this without causing interference or making the space look cluttered. Depending on the size and design of the shed, you can have more than one dividing wall to provide a defined space for other uses, such as storing different types of equipment or creating a small office space.


An insulated storage shed can increase the energy efficiency of your shed all year round by reducing your heating and cooling needs. Structural insulated panels are among the most cost-effective material options for storage sheds, as the insulation material is sandwiched between the concrete for improved insulation properties. It is a good construction material to consider. However, if your shed is already constructed from wood, metal, or plastic, you can opt for other forms of insulation.

Roof ventilators

High levels of humidity and moisture inside a storage shed can make the space uncomfortable and affect the durability of the shed's materials. Roof ventilators allow a continuous flow of air inside the shed to improve the efficiency of the insulation and ventilation system, providing lower temperatures during the summer. They regulate moisture and humidity to promote the durability of the structure and eliminate the need for air conditioners.

Personal access door

Most enclosed storage sheds have only one large entry door. Opening these doors can be cumbersome, especially if they are not automated. You can build a personal access door, probably at the back of the shed to give you access to the shed without opening the large door. This can be quite convenient, and it can also cater for your privacy needs.

Storage sheds are essential structures, as they can be used for various applications. Talk to your contractor about incorporating these add-ons into your shed's design to improve its functionality and to create a suitable environment for you and other users.