How to Remove a Flatbed Tarp Easily

Some inexperienced truck drivers may damage tarps as they remove them from their flatbed trucks. Such damage can cause the drivers to buy replacement tarps more often than would have been necessary. This article discusses some tips that you can use to remove a tarp easily from the flatbed truck that you are driving.

Let Air In

The tarp is likely to cling onto the cargo as you drive over a long distance. This can make the tarp very difficult to remove once you reach the destination where you were delivering the cargo. You can remove that tarp quickly and easily by flapping one of its corners several times. This will enable air to get underneath the tarp so that it detaches from the cargo.

Fold the Sides First

You should resist the urge to grab a corner of the tarp and yank it off the truck. This action can cause the tarp to sustain serious tears. Instead, work systematically by first folding the sides of the tarp upwards. This will create a flat surface at the top of the cargo so that you remove the tarp easily.

Work from the Front

Ask a friend to help you to pull the front of the tarp towards the back of the flatbed truck. This should be done after you have folded the sides of the tarp onto the top of the truck. You can also work alone in case no one is near to help you. Simply grab the center of the tarp and pull it backwards so that it moves from the front of the truck towards the back. This will prevent the tarp from being stuck when sharp objects are in its way.

Use a Corner Protector

Corner protectors are also known as strap protectors or corner guards. These devices are made from a variety of materials, such as plastic. They can be placed on the sharp edges of the cargo that has been loaded onto a truck. The corner protectors will then enable the tarp to slide over those sharp edges instead of being pulled across the edge. This protects the truck tarp from being ripped up during the removal or travelling process.

Use the tips above to reduce the frequency at which your truck tarps keep being damaged. You may also talk to tarp suppliers for additional suggestions that you can use to reduce the time it takes you to remove a tarp safely.