Which Concrete Grinder Suits Your Needs?

If you are considering replacing your concrete or resurfacing it, you cannot simply paint over the concrete. You will need to grind it so that you can replace it. You can also use floor grinders to polish your store's concrete flooring. Before you begin the grinding process, make sure the concrete floor is very wet (you can use a hose here) so that you will not have as much dust. Here are three grinding machines you can use to complete your needed concrete grinding.

Handheld Grinders

These grinders are excellent at covering small places quickly before applying an epoxy coating. The machines can be held in your hand, only a few inches in size, and can be used to grind countertops or small patches of floor. If you are planning on completing a whole room, no matter the size, you might find this grinder too straining. You should only use it in the case that the other grinders are too big for the space.

Walk-Behind Floor Grinders

These types of floor grinders are significantly bigger than the last category. The process here is similar to pushing a baby carriage. You walk behind, pushing the machine as it works. The pushing is not labor-intensive and can be done easily. This machine also comes in a variety of sizes. The larger machines obviously can cover more floor at a time, but they do require a bit more effort. These floor grinders can also be used to polish concrete floors. Multiple floor grinders in this category (as long as they are the same size) can be linked together to form a chain that covers more space at once. This type of floor grinder is the most popular for its ease-of-use and relatively inexpensive price.

Ride-On Floor Grinders

This type of floor grinder should only be used in especially large spaces. In most cases, this concrete grinder is used to polish large flooring areas such as that of showrooms, shopping centers, retail outlets, and distribution centers. The benefit of this machine is its quick polishing due to the wide area it can cover at one time. However, this benefit will only help you if your store has enough room for the machine to safely fit. If you will need to move shelves, etc, consider that when you are choosing which grinder to purchase. This machine's largeness means that it is not the most popular; however, it does produce an even look over the surface of the floor.

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