Enhancing the Security of Your Home with Locks

When it comes to your residence's security, it is not simply about purchasing the first lock that you come across. Some homeowners tend to be under the wrong assumption that simply having a locksmith install a locking system automatically secures their home from potential intruders. The truth is you have to ensure you are investing a safe lock to deter break ins into your home, and not just any ordinary locks that can easily be picked by veteran burglars. If you are looking to enhance your home's security with locks, here are some of the things that you should consider.

Consider installing deadbolts on your entryways

One of the more secure locking systems that you could consider for your home is a deadbolt locking system. There are an assortment of types that you could choose from ranging from double-cylinder deadbolts, keyless deadbolts and the more common single cylinder deadbolts. The main advantage of deadbolt locking systems is that they are quite difficult to dismantle. As such, it would be difficult for potential intruders to gain entry into your home by simply breaking your locks. When installing deadbolts on your entryways, ensure that the locksmith extends them into the walls. This provides the deadbolts with additional resilience as they are being reinforced by the concrete.

Consider getting key control

Another consideration you should have when investing in new locking systems is key control. However, not many homeowners are aware of what key control is. Key control refers to you have complete control over the number of key copies that can access your locking system. As such instead of purchasing your locks from a store, you would have to purchase them from a certified locksmith that has created the locks themselves. Locks that come with key-control tend to be nearly impossible to duplicated by someone other than the original manufacturer or locksmith. It should be noted that this enhanced security also comes at a higher cost than conventional locking systems. However, it is an ideal way of preventing the risk of severe losses in terms of property theft down the road.

Consider door locks with security strike plates

All door locks are fitted with strike plate. However, these strike plates tend to be the weakest point in the locking system. As such, veteran burglars may use this to gain easy access to your home. To prevent this, you should have security strike plates installed in your door locks. These strike plates are curated from heavy gauge metals. They are then fitted right under the regular strike plates, hence reinforcing them. This then makes your door locks much more resilient to break ins.