What to Consider When Having Bi-Fold Doors Installed in Your Home

Bi-fold doors are a great choice for any wall leading to an outdoor space and especially for one with a very nice view. These doors open all the way and fold flat against a wall, so you have an unencumbered opening to the outside. They can also mean a better view of the outside when they're closed, since they are often designed to replace an entire wall and are much bigger than a window or standard sliding patio door. When you're ready to have bi-fold doors installed in your home, you want to ensure you haven't overlooked any detail. Note a few of those to keep in mind.


It may seem like a small thing, but you'll need to choose between a knob and a lever handle with your door. A lever handle can help to disperse some of the weight that you're pulling when you open the door. This is a good choice for heavy wooden frames or very thick glass, as you might actually struggle to open these when you choose a knob. A knob might also be difficult for those with arthritis. In these cases, choose a lever and even two levers so a person can easily use both hands to open their bi-fold doors.


You'll want to secure your bi-fold door with something more than a simple latch, as this door may be a good entry point for thieves and intrudes. Typically a bi-fold door in a home is in the back, facing a patio area, which means a person might try to break in since they're likely out of the sight of neighbors. Choose a deadbolt lock but avoid one that works with a key on the inside, as this can trap you inside your home in case of an emergency and when you cannot quickly and easily locate the key.

One set versus two

A set of bi-fold doors can all be connected, and they all slide in one direction and fold flat against the wall. However, if the space for your doors is very expansive, this can mean a thick and unsightly set of doors that are sitting against the wall when opened. In that case, opt for two sets of doors; these open in the middle and one set slides left and one slides right. This can also be a good choice for very heavy wood frames or thick glass, as noted above, as it reduces the weight of each set of doors.