Don't Overlook These Small But Important Features When Buying a Carport

A carport can be a very easy and affordable way to protect your car, lawn tractor, and anything else you can't fit into the garage, and for properties without a garage at all. Many carports come in kits that you can buy and install yourself, or you can purchase a larger one that is custom made and installed by a contractor. Before you shop, note a few small but important features to consider so you know you get the best carport for your property.


You may think that of course you've considered the size of carport you need, but you may have overlooked some factors when choosing that size. Have you considered if a larger carport might seem overwhelming next to your home, or that it may not even fit between the home and a fence? 

At the same time, once you have the carport on your property, you may realize that you want to put more than a car under it; tools, rubbish bins, lawn care equipment, sporting goods, and other items might be stored in the carport as well. If you can't get a wider model to sit next to your home, you might consider a size that is longer than you originally intended. This will ensure you have all the room you need for everything you'll be storing in the carport.


Carports are meant to be functional, but this doesn't mean they should be drab and dull. A plain carport might actually detract from your property's curb appeal, and if you ever want to use your carport for a patio area, you'll appreciate having an attractive space. A wood carport might look better than a standard aluminum carport, or you might choose an aluminum or steel model that is powder coated. Powder coating is like a paint that is applied in powder form; opt for a color such as black or white to make your carport more visually appealing, or a russet red to match the brick of your home. 

Side protection

A carport roof can protect your car from sun exposure when the sun is directly overhead, however, even the morning or evening sun be very bright and strong. Your car's upholstery and paint might easily fade from sunlight coming into the side of the carport, and rain and snow might also be blown in through the side of the carport. Choose a style with walls or one wall along the side that gets the most exposure, for maximum protection of your vehicle.

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