Questions You Might Have About a Steel Roof for a Residential Home

A steel roof may not seem like the right choice for a residential home; when you think of steel, you may think of a heavy material that is more appropriate for a commercial structure. However, metal roofs and especially steel are becoming a very popular option for residential homes for a variety of reasons. Note some commonly asked questions about steel roofs for a residential home and then you can see why they're often such a popular choice.

Does a metal roof rust?

Note that any metal used for a residential roof will be coated so that it resists rust and corrosion. This coating might include a zinc bath; zinc plating is very lightweight and is often used for items like safety pins and paperclips. A layer of zinc will protect steel from rust and corrosion while not adding to the weight of a roof. 

A color bonding or powder coating can also be applied to the roof; this is a type of paint that is applied as a powder and adhered to the roof with an electrical charge. Not only does the colour from colorbond roofing make the metal look more attractive, but the coating also helps keep it free of rust and other damage. If you want a truly customisable roof, coloured metal roofing could be the right choice for you.

Is a metal roof more prone to lightning strikes?

Lightning isn't necessarily attracted to metal; it's attracted to a high point or peak. Your metal roof should therefore suffer no more lightning strikes than if you had chosen any other roofing material. Note too that a metal roof is more fire-resistant than asphalt tiles or wood shingles, which might quickly ignite after a lightning strike. Metal may then actually be a safer choice in areas prone to strong storms and frequent lightning. 

Is a metal roof very heavy?

A metal roof is actually much lighter than many other roofing materials, including most types of asphalt shingles. Standard asphalt shingles may weigh two pounds or more per square foot, whereas a metal roof might weigh half that depending on the thickness of the metal you choose. This allows you to put a metal roof over an older home with a weakened wood frame, and in some cases, you can even have a metal roof installed right over your existing shingles. If you need an entirely new roof, this can save you the cost and labour of a full tear-off job.