Five Signs Your Mobile Home Park Needs Alternative Septic Tank Systems

If you're thinking about buying land to put in a mobile home park, you have to think about the waste needs of your tenants. If the land is not connected to a sewer system, you will need to put a septic tank or an alternative. Here are some signs an alternative septic tank is right for your situation:

1. You have limited space.

With a traditional septic tank, the wastewater that is expelled out of the tank finishes its purification process outside as it's run through rocks and soil and exposed to sunshine. This process requires a drainage field which can take up unnecessary space. If you want to maximise the space in your mobile home park so that you can rent out as many lots as possible, you may want to opt for an alternative septic tank. These tanks purify the wastewater so that when it comes out of the unit, it doesn't need any further purification.

2. Your mobile home park is close to water tables or waterways.

In some cases, you may have plenty of room for a septic field, but you should consider an alternative septic system for other reasons. In particular, if you have streams or other waterways close to your area, a traditional septic tank is not a good idea, as it may allow wastewater to reach the water ways before it's adequately purified. Similarly, if the water table is high in your area, a traditional septic tank can be a poor option.

3. You want to re-use water for irrigation.

With an alternative septic tank, the water is not potable when it is expelled from the tank, but it is relatively fine. As you can release this water in waterways, it is also safe to use for landscaping irrigation. If you are trying to strike an environmentally friendly note with your mobile home park, you may want to look into these types of systems.

4. You want separate systems for each mobile home.

Another advantage of alternative septic systems is that there are relatively small. That means you can use a separate one for each mobile home in the trailer park. That makes is easier to track repair issues and decide which mobile home is responsible for which repair.

5. You want septic solutions that work for RVs.

In some cases, mobile parks cater to both permanent residents and travellers. If you want to open up your space to travellers in caravans, you will like the fact that you can set up an alternative septic tank so that it can be connected to an RV just as well as a mobile home.

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