New Home Technology to Discuss With Your Home Builder

When working with a home builder to design your new home, you want to think about more than just the number of bathrooms and size of the kitchen. Today's homes are often built with high-tech features that add to your overall security and comfort. Having these features built in during construction can be easier and even more affordable than having them added some time down the road. Note a few of today's high-tech features that you'll want to discuss with your new home builder before construction begins.

Video conferencing

Do you often work from home, or wish you could present yourself more professionally to clients while working from home? Professional video conferencing equipment can make it possible; your home office can be outfitted with a high-quality camera and microphone such as used in actual office conference rooms. A dedicated internet line can reduce the risk of a video conference or meeting being interrupted because of slow or dropped signals. You can then avoid trying to conference with clients, customers, and coworkers using your computer or smartphone camera or other such flimsy and sometimes unreliable devices.

Hideaway TVs

Having a big screen TV is a must-have for many homeowners today, and you may want one in the bedroom and even the bathroom as well as the family room. However, these TVs can be in the way in smaller rooms and an eyesore when not in use. Today's homes can be built with TVs that slide into the ceiling or floor or which actually spin around to reveal a large mirror or piece of art on the other side. This allows you to have that big TV in virtually any room of the home without it getting in the way of foot traffic or detracting from the look of the space.


Plugging a lamp and radio into a timer when you're on vacation is a very common practice; however, many break-ins occur during the day when homeowners are simply at the office or out running errands. To increase your home's security, you might have a whole-house timer installed that is connected to roller blinds, various TVs throughout the house, and even kitchen faucets. These timers can do more than just switch things on and off; they may turn up the volume of a TV randomly or adjust dimmer switches to lights. Potential thieves may not be fooled by the same radio or light going on and off during the day, but when blinds close or they hear a faucet turn on and the TV being turned up, this can deter them from entering your home when you're away.