Ways You Can Recycle Construction Materials After a Renovation Project

A home renovation project gives you a chance to alter or make structural additions to your home. Most of the waste that's left behind after the project can be recycled instead of being disposed of in the landfills. Construction waste recycling helps in conserving the environment by reducing the amount of waste that goes into the landfill. However, without an understanding of the types of materials that can be recycled and how you can reuse them, it can be difficult to come up with an effective recycling program. Here are some of the common waste materials that you may generate during your renovation project and the ways in which you can recycle them.


Your renovation project may have involved repairing or installing concrete floors, walls, or other surfaces. In this case, a lot of waste material from the old surface and the new installation may be left over. Old concrete aggregates can be broken down and used as a base during the repair or installation of concrete driveways, patios, and other surfaces. New leftover concrete can be used in the installation of kerbs to improve the landscape in your home's exterior. However, if you don't have any use for the new or recycled concrete, you can sell it to a recycling contractor.

Untreated timber

Untreated timber is widely used in the construction of structures and making of indoor furniture. A renovation project that involves the use of untreated timber is likely to generate a substantial amount of waste from the same. Untreated timber can be used as firewood for your outdoor fireplace. It can also be used as mulch for the garden. Long dimension timber can be used to make DIY furniture and crafts.

Treated timber

Untreated timber is used in outdoor furniture, fencing, decking, and gazebos. It cannot be used as firewood or mulch due to the presence of toxic chemicals which can pose health risk to humans or destroy plants. If any treated timber is left over or generated from your project, consider selling it to a timber recycling company as they can make better use of it without creating an environmental hazard.


Metals such as steel and aluminum are commonly used for roofs, exterior doors, structural beams, and plumbing fixtures. Left over metal from the renovation project can be sent back to the manufacturer to be melted down and fabricated into other metal products. Old metal fixtures can be sold to scrappers for recycling. Before selling scrap, always, make sure that you clean and sort it so that you can get a reasonable price for it.

These are some of the ways that you can recycle materials from your renovation project and help in conserving the environment. If you don't have any use for the materials, you can always hire a recycling company to collect and prepare it for reusing.