The Unparalleled Advantages of Screw Piling During Residential Construction

While investing in a custom home build is a great way to build your asset portfolio, purchasing a lot is an expensive endeavour. And even with exhaustive research, it can be challenging to find the perfect lot. In most cases, you end up having to make the most of the land you acquire. And one of the most common issues that individuals have to contend with when developing their lot is adverse soil conditions that would make it challenging to construct a stable foundation.

Rather than risk eventual soil shifting that would lead to foundation damage and diminished structural integrity of your property, you should opt for screw piling, which works to provide you with a deep and stable foundation. While there is a range of other foundation reinforcement techniques that you can consider, here are the unparalleled advantages of screw piling during residential construction.

Screw piling is a surprisingly economical solution

One of the major concerns that homeowners have when deliberating on foundation reinforcement is how costly this measure is going to be, which inadvertently inflates the overall construction budget. However, this is not something you have to be worried about when you opt for screw piling.

Admittedly, it is not a cheap service to invest in but when you consider the dire ramifications of going without it, it is definitely a worthwhile investment to make. In addition to this, when compared to other reinforcement alternatives, such as bored piers, screw piling does not require you to pay for expenses such soil removal, which would be a necessary step for the aforementioned alternative.

Screw piling saves a considerable amount of time

A frustrating aspect of residential construction is not completing the project within the estimated time. And while some delays are unavoidable, such as inclement weather patterns that make it challenging to work on the site, others can be prevented, for instance by employing time-efficient techniques during the construction process. The use of screw piles is one of the more time-effective ways to avoid delays due to several reasons.

Firstly, drilling the screw piles is quick and does not require your contractors to work in unfavourable weather conditions. Hence, whether it is raining or not, you can be assured that the screw piling process can be underway. Secondly, screw piling does not require extensive prep beforehand such as soil removal as stated above and this helps with saving time. Lastly, as the screw piling process does not result in land degradation, you are not subjected to dealing with comprehensive site clean-up.