Should You Think About Building a Tennis Court?

Do you like the idea of installing sports facilities at your home or club? Why restrict your activities to the indoors if you have available outdoor space? Perhaps, you have been thinking about a cricket pitch or golf course. Often, it can be hard to work out precisely what type of sporting facilities would be most beneficial and gain the most use. Unless you constantly have lots of friends over or many people on-site, building facilities for any type of team game is probably not where you should spend your efforts. Alternatively, one of the most effective ways of increasing your fitness at home can be to play tennis. Arranging for a tennis court construction company to build a court on your site is a great way to help people stay fit and have fun.

What does tennis court construction entail?

While tennis courts aren't especially complicated to build, there is still more involved than most people realize. Tennis construction involves a lot more than marking the boundaries and putting up a net in the centre of the court. To play tennis effectively and to be able to maintain rallies, the tennis ball must be able to bounce consistently and predictably. For that to happen, there must be the right surface for the ball to bounce on. The surface of your tennis court should be playable in all weathers. It's no good if the ball only bounces in the dry. If your tennis court tends to pool water, the ball won't bounce and the surface will rapidly deteriorate. It is best to work with a professional tennis court construction company that will help you achieve the best court surface that is playable for the maximum amount of time.

What makes a good tennis court surface?

While the acrylic surface of the court may not appear particularly special, it is strong, and what makes the difference is hidden below the surface. Before the final acrylic surface is laid, the tennis court construction company will have thoroughly investigated the drainage on the site and then arranged the surface of the court so that the rainwater will flow off the sides of the court rather than gathering on the surface in a small pond. To find out more about what is involved in building a tennis court and how it could be of benefit to you, speak to your local tennis court construction company today. They can provide further information about tennis court construction.