3 Reasons to Test For Asbestos in a Fixer-Upper

If you're buying an older property to renovate, then you should consider bringing in an asbestos removal professional to run tests before you start work on the project. Why should you do this?

1. Find Out if You Do Have an Asbestos Problem

While many older properties contain asbestos, some don't. The problem is that you can't see asbestos. It is usually contained inside other materials, like concrete, flooring, wall and ceiling sheets, roofing materials and insulation. You can find it inside and outside the building.

The only way to confirm the presence of asbestos is to take samples from places or items that commonly contain the material. A lab will then test the samples and tell you if they contain asbestos and, if so, which type of asbestos you're dealing with.

2. Amend Your Plans to Remove the Asbestos

If you're lucky, your asbestos tests will be negative and you can move on with your renovations as planned. However, even if the tests are positive, all is not lost. You gain some advantages by finding  out that you have some asbestos in the property before you start work.

Your current plans won't include asbestos management, removal and disposal. If you don't test, then you might not find out that you have asbestos in the building until your renovations are underway. Your plans will then have to change. You might have to stop work until you sort out the problem sorted.

If you test at the start, then you know the scope of the work. You can make asbestos removal your first job. Or, you can factor it into other stages of the project. Your asbestos removal contact can advise you on the best way to fit this problem into your planning so that you can keep things safe without too many delays.

3. Create a More Effective Budget

If you unexpectedly find asbestos in the property while you're doing it up, then your budget will suffer. You'll have to find more money to cover its removal and disposal.

If you don't have spare cash, then you might have to find ways to save money on other parts of the project. If it's to late to do this, then you might need to borrow money to finance the asbestos removal.

If you test early, then your asbestos removal company can give you a quote. Your budget will be more accurate from the start. You can amend the project if you need to free up cash to cover this cost.

To find out more about safe sampling and testing, contact asbestos removal specialists.