Tips for Working With a Land Surveyor to Prevent Issues With Neighbours

When you think about people who can help you out with legal disputes, you might think about lawyers. However, there are some cases when you need to work with other professionals in addition to a lawyer. For example, a land surveyor can help you prevent or deal with a legal issue or a neighbourly dispute. If you don't really understand how, these are things you might want to know as a property owner.

Hire Them Before Making Changes to the Property

In some cases, people end up arguing with their neighbours because they accidentally install a fence, outdoor storage building or something else on an area that does not actually belong to them. Since property lines can be confusing for many people, and since many people don't know exactly where their property lines are, this is a common and honest mistake. However, it can lead to arguments with neighbours, and it can even lead to costly lawsuits. Plus, if you do build a fence or structure on someone else's property by accident, you might have to spend the money to tear it down, which can lead to a lot of wasted money. Therefore, if you're going to be making changes to your property that will be anywhere near the property line, it's smart to hire a land surveyor beforehand.

Hire Them Instead of Arguing With Your Neighbour

If your neighbour has been arguing with you about a property line-related dispute, you might want to confront them. However, if possible, you will probably want to handle things calmly and amicably. Additionally, you might know that disputes with neighbours can sometimes even turn violent. Instead of arguing with your neighbour face-to-face about a property line dispute, consider having a land survey done so you can get to the bottom of the problem.

Ask for Access Permission

You might not be dealing with any disputes with your neighbours at all. However, you might be interested in having a land survey done for some other reason. If this is true, then you might want to ask your neighbours for permission for the land surveyor to be on their property in the areas near the property line. This will make it much easier for the land surveyor to do their job, and it can help you avoid any arguments or issues with your neighbours after the fact. If the neighbour does not give permission, let the land surveyor know, and they will know to be careful not to step off of your property while they are working.

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