2 Reasons To Use Mobile Scaffolding When Renovating Your Shop's Exterior

If you're renovating your shop's exterior and will be rendering or painting its walls during this process, it might be better to use mobile scaffolding to renovate the walls' uppermost areas, instead of fixed scaffolding or ladders. Here are some reasons why.

You'll have the option of easily moving the scaffolding  

If your business needs to stay open when you're having work done on the building's exterior, then mobile scaffolding might be more convenient for you to use than its fixed-in-place equivalent, as it will give you the option of easily moving it. You might need to do this if, for example, the scaffolding happens to be positioned directly in front of one of your premises' entrances on a day when you're expecting a delivery of large-sized boxes of inventory that need to be carried through this entrance.

In this situation, being able to temporarily shift the mobile scaffolding a few feet away from this entrance would allow the delivery person to get the large items through it, without having to worry that they might bump into the scaffolding and either damage the scaffold or the item they're carrying, in the way that they might if the scaffolding was immovable. This could allow them to get your delivery into your premises faster.

Your contractors will be able to transport their materials and the height access equipment in one go

Another reason why you might be better off using mobile scaffolding (rather than, for example, several ladders) is that, since the scaffold has a platform on which objects can be stowed, your contractors will be able to transport their materials (such as their paintbrushes, paint roller trays, bags of wall render, etc.) on this equipment whilst they move it from the area they're finished with, to the next area they need to work on.

Conversely, if they were using ladders, they'd have to manually transport the materials (which might involve making several trips from one section of the premises to another) and then carry the ladders separately. If your exterior is large and they have to go through this process multiple times, this could result in the redecoration of your shop's exterior taking longer than if they had used mobile scaffolding. This is something worth remembering, as any renovation work you do to your shop will make it more challenging for you to run it and so it's best to use equipment that will help you to finish this work as fast as possible.