What to Think About When Buying a Modular Freezer Room

If your commercial operation calls for you to maintain products at a particular temperature prior to delivery, you've got to choose the right equipment to help you achieve your goal. In this case, you may need to build a purpose-made freezer room, and as there is so much riding on performance here, you also need to ensure that it is built correctly. What are some of the considerations when designing a room like this?

Tailor-Made Design

While buying an "off-the-shelf" freezer room for companies with predictable needs is certainly possible, you may want to consider something with a modular design. These are certainly perfect for larger restaurants where easy access to perfectly-maintained food is important, and requirements may change over time.

How Modular Rooms Are Made

Modular cold rooms are essentially purpose-made boxes with flat-panel construction for the walls, floors and ceilings. The panels are made with highly efficient insulation materials, using PIR and PUR products.

Choice of Insulation

PUR insulation is injected into the wall cavities to create a highly energy-efficient barrier. It is generally considered to provide the best thermal performance of any cavity insulation product, is typically sprayed onto the surface and is very resistant to moisture.

PIR insulation also has a high thermal performance and resistance to moisture. Additionally, this product is very flame-resistant.

Interior Design

Whether you choose PUR or PIR for your insulation needs, you'll want to ensure that your modular construction is sufficiently large and that you configure the inside with all the shelving you need. You can also install a customised anti-skid flooring, so your staff will be as safe as possible and able to perform their work as needed.

Freezer Doors

While stainless steel is typically used to construct these modular freezers, you must pay particular attention to the doors. After all, this is the only part of the freezer that is not completely sealed off, and you must insist on the highest quality products. Your door will need to be safe, reliable, hygienic and help to maintain the internal temperature. It will need to perform at all times, no matter how many times it is opened or closed and must present the perfect seal without needing constant attention.

Placing Your Order

Talk with your freezer room contractor and give them your specifications. They will come up with a modular design that will meet your needs and enable you to provide your service as effectively as possible. 

For more information about freezer room construction, contact a local contractor.