What Are Two of the Most Important Components of Your Commercial Fridge?

When you run a busy restaurant or cafe, you rely on all your kitchen appliances and must ensure that they are in good working order at all times. When it comes to your fridges, there are two components in particular that you should keep a close eye on to avoid any problems or downtime. What are these parts, and why are they so important?

Focusing on Critical Parts

The evaporator and condenser are critical parts exposed to the outside and, therefore, vulnerable to dust or dirt accumulation.

Looking after the Condenser

The condenser coils help to regulate the liquid refrigerant so it is in the correct state to keep your fridge running as expected. The job of these coils is to dissipate any accumulated heat; if they are covered in dirt or debris, they will certainly be less efficient. As this contamination builds up, the fridge will have to work harder to try and regulate the temperature, and this causes the compressor (the motor) to work overtime. This will put additional strain on that part and will undoubtedly increase your utility bill to make matters worse.

Keeping Things Clean

As moisture is present in this area, it pays to keep everything spotlessly clean. Otherwise, mould spores may accumulate, which can markedly affect your interior air equality.

Caring for the Evaporator

The evaporator helps to turn the refrigerant into a vaporous state and is another critical component. It also needs to be cleaned and maintained according to a rigorous schedule as otherwise, it will become far less efficient. It only takes a fine layer of dust on the evaporator coil to spur problems. This dust can often act as an insulator, making it hard or even impossible for the fridge to work as it should. Once again, this will lead to overheating and higher use of energy, which will be reflected in your end-of-month power bill.

Growing Issues

Unwanted dirt can lead to higher pressures and excessive ice or frost buildup. When this buildup gets to a certain point, your fridge may stop working altogether, leading to costly downtime while you fix the problem.

What to Do Next

If you don't take time to clean and maintain your commercial fridges, you may well run into unexpected and unwanted mechanical issues. So while you put a cleaning regimen in place, make sure you call in the experts to deal with any growing problems. For more information, contact commercial fridge repair professionals near you.